Corning 1962 Gorilla Glass to Wiimote proof TVs

Shane McGlaun - Aug 2, 2010
Corning 1962 Gorilla Glass to Wiimote proof TVs

Since the Nintendo Wii hit the market, a number of LCD and plasma flat panel TV screens have met an untimely demise. Give a gamer a Wii Remote to fling about without the wrist strap in place and a broken TV is likely.

Corning is positioning its Gorilla Glass for use in large screen TVs. This is the same type of glass that is supposed to be scratch and breakage resistant and is used on the iPhone 4. The downside is that the Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 4 has proven to not be so scratch resistant or break resistant as we had hoped.

Still, the addition of Gorilla Glass on TVs would be a nice upgrade that might keep your TV alive if your kids ignore your demand to wear the wrist strap as they play Wii Sports. The glass is supposed to be two to three times stronger than your average glass used on TV screens. Gorilla Glass will land on TVs in 2011.

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