Core M chipset found in new MacBook benchmarked

Apple's new MacBook is a svelte piece of modern art. An engineering feat, the slim computer is a glimpse into the future of design. It might not be a look into the future of computing, though. Benchmark results of the Broadwell Core M processor found in the latest MacBook are less than impressive. According to the final results, the Core M processor is actually less powerful than what's currently in Apple's MacBook Air. While benchmark results are never conclusive or concrete, it's at least a look at what you can expect from the MacBook.

The computer tested was a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. We won't get into all the ways Apple could have optimized the chipset for their software, and again — this is a rough idea of what may be on offer with the new MacBook. When we can benchmark the new laptop ourselves, we will.

At just about every turn, the MacBook's Core M processor ticked just slightly lower than the MacBook Air's Intel chipset. While the comparison made in the AnadTech article was to another Lenovo model, we are looking at the Core m in the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro compared to the MacBook Air.

So what does it all mean? It means the MacBook probably won't be wonderful for heavy lifting, so don't go looking to replace your top-end MacBook Pro with the sexy new MacBook. For most users, the MacBook will still be more than adequate, and it's got a lot more upside than one benchmark can possibly show.

Source: AnandTech