Core 2 Quad coming to your laptop, but in a mobile version

So what's good about this, first, four cores to work with? Second, the FSB will be upped, not quite to the new 1333MHz that the latest Intel desktop motherboards are seeing, but it does hit up over the 1000MHz mark at 1066MHZ.

The entire platform will bring better integrated graphics, better DDR2 support and support for DDR3 as system memory as well as WiMAX. They are even looking at a fairly close release date of early 2008.

What is bad, the heat is horrendous, so much so in the example unit they apparently had some rather larger pieces of cooling equipment being used to keep it from melting down. The power usage isn't all that great either, 45 watts to be exact. I suppose that would explain why its being targeted at desktop replacement and other large notebooks, such as mobile gaming solutions.

Intel demos working mobile quad-core CPU [via macnn]