Cordless art lamp means you can be just as pretentious as the gallery for less

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008

So at art galleries they have these lamps that hand over the art to light it up to make sure you can see it because the lighting at the galleries usually suck. With these you get to lose the heat and the cord and the necessity to change the bulb all the time.

These are LED lights, and they are battery powered. That means you can place them anywhere you want and you don’t have to worry about the heat that usually destroys or at least fades the artwork.

There are two models, one that’s 16-inches wide, and one that’s half that, they both telescope out up to 4-7 inches away from the wall or painting they are mounted to. Furthermore, the LEDs should last about 10k hours, which is a long ass time. If you want one, they are $65 and $50 respective to there sizes, which isn’t bad considering the real deal probably costs at least that much if not more, not saying these are fake, in fact they are better, but the ones from the librarian’s catalogue (is there such a thing?) probably cost as much.

[via gadgetgrid]

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