Cord Lamp - The Non-Cordless Lamp

In my experience dealing with cords is nothing short of a monumental hassle. One cord is too long, another too short, you trip over them and knock them loose... the list goes on. The bottom line is that cords = Hassle.

Apparently though, it's not true with everyone because Swedish design group 'Form Us With Love" has created a Cord Lamp. It embraces the cord and puts it on display (Why do I feel like I should be doing performance art as I say that?). Anyway, let's get down to it. The lamp has a completely flexible "cord" that allows you to shape the way it stands. Its "cord" base, however, is sturdy so it wont topple over. It seems this is one (probably the only one) appliance it's ok for the cord to show.

It come with an uncovered 60w bulb that really brings the whole piece together. You could purchase one from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for $150.

Standing Cord Lamp [via OhGizmo!]