Copyright claim takes original RickRoll'D vid off YouTube

It's a very sad day for Internet pranksters all around the world. A copyright claim by AVG Technologies has pulled the original RickRoll'D video off YouTube. The only thing worse than getting Rickrolled is getting Rickrolled and then seeing the image below rather than Rick crooning about never letting you down.

It's very odd that the video is gone after being on YouTube for five years and generating millions and millions of views. Even stranger to me is that the copyright claim was made by AVG Technologies. Presumably, that is the company behind the free antivirus software lots of people use today. It's very hard for me to understand exactly how AVG Technologies could have a copyright claim to an old Rick Astley song.

Honestly, I'm wondering if AVG technologies is Rickrolling the Rickrollers. If you think about it, with the millions of views and the penchant of Internet users to play pranks, having someone you Rickroll go to a video that's been pulled down due to a claim by AVG Technologies makes a little sense. The implication in my mind is that AVG is implying you never know if a link you click on is legitimate or not. It could've been something worse than being forced to listen to Rick Astley, so contact AVG Technologies. What do you think?

[via TorrentFreak]