Coppertone sunscreen, Lotrimin antifungal sprays recalled over cancer risk

A pair of new recalls published by the FDA revolves around the chemical benzene, a carcinogen in humans that has been linked to certain blood disorders and cancers. The first recall comes from Coppertone, which has recalled some of its spray sunscreen products; the second recall comes from Bayer, which is recalling some Tinactin and Lotrimin AF antifungal sprays.

The Coppertone recall covers 12 lots of five different sunscreen sprays over the presence of benzene, the company revealed in its recall. The recalled lots include baby, kids, and sports sunscreen sprays, with Coppertone explaining that while they contain benzene, the levels of this chemical aren't likely high enough to cause health problems:

Daily exposure to benzene at the levels detected in these affected Coppertone aerosol sunscreen spray products would not be expected to cause adverse health consequences based on generally accepted exposure modeling by numerous regulatory agencies.

Consumers who purchased Coppertone aerosol spray sunscreen products this year should check out the recall notice on the FDA's website for the full list of recalled products, including identifying details.

Bayer, meanwhile, announced its own recall over benzene a few days after Coppertone. According to the announcement, Bayer issued the recall as "as precautionary measure," likewise noting that the benzene levels in these products aren't likely to cause health problems. The recall covers all lots of Tinactin and Lotrimin AF sprays that start with certain lot numbers.

If you own one of these products and its lot numbers start with "TN," "CV," or "NAA," you should stop using it and request a refund. The recalled products were sold over-the-counter and include things like athlete's foot powder spray, foot deodorant powder spray, and jock itch spray.

Head over to the FDA's website for the full details on the Bayer recall.