Copper ‘tattoo’ unlocks your Moto X just by tapping it

Nate Swanner - Jun 30, 2014
Copper ‘tattoo’ unlocks your Moto X just by tapping it

When Motorola disbanded in the sale to Lenovo, their ATAP division stuck around at Google. A neat idea they were working on was digital tattoos, which makes your entire body an “authentication token”. That’s come to life — sort of — via an NFC enabled tattoo.

Made by VivaInk, the tattoo is more sticker than body art. Using copper, the small skin adornment will unlock your Moto X. Stick them anywhere, and tap your phone to unlock. It’s possible that just by picking your device up, you’d be able to bypass your security features and jump right in.


A neat idea, but little more than an NFC tag, really. The small sticker looks really cool, is kind of copper-y steampunk, and also water resistant. Take a shower and wash your hands (or wherever you stick it), and go about your day.

The tags come in a pack of ten, and retail for about $9.99. Buying a whole package might seem like overkill, but the tattoos only last about a week. A cool idea if you want to toy around with something different, but not a long-term solution. Thankfully they’re just stickers, and aren’t permanent.

Source: VivaInk

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