CoolIT unveils slick OMNI Universal Liquid Cooling kit for AMD video cards

Any computer enthusiast or hard core gamer will tell you that heat is the enemy of performance. This is especially true when you start overclocking your CPU and GPU looking for added performance. Those really into overclocking look to liquid cooling or even more exotic methods for their computers. CoolIT has announced a new universal liquid cooling system for AMD video cards called the OMNI.

The liquid cooling system is designed to maximize the performance of the new video cards from AMD like the HD 5750 and HD 5770. In addition to allowing the video cards to run cooler, the OMNI is also quieter making for less noise in the work environment.

The system is factory sealed and maintenance free. Exactly how much cooling performance the OMNI provides is unknown as is availability and pricing at this time. The biggest downside to aftermarket cooling devices like this is that they will void the warranty on your video cards.