CoolIT systems and Maingear team up for better cooling

Shane McGlaun - Feb 8, 2011
CoolIT systems and Maingear team up for better cooling

More performance from a computer system means that you must have better cooling or things just aren’t good. Too much heat inside a computer will cause overheating and can crash the system. There are a lot of computer companies on the market today that use smaller liquid cooling systems like the ones that CoolIT offers.

CoolIT and Maingear have announced that they are working together now and that Maingear will be using CoolIT’s Eco II liquid cooling system for CPUs in some Maingear computer systems. Maingear will use the Eco II in its high-end SHIFT gaming computer. The SHIFT is packed with impressive features.

CoolIT claims that its compact liquid cooling systems have shown unmatched thermal protection and cool much better than standard air-cooling. CoolIT tech can be found inside other computers offered by Maingear in addition to the SHIFT.

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