CoolIT demo overclocked liquid-cooled HD 4870 X2 on video

Ewdison Then - Aug 26, 2008, 12:11pm CDT

Back when they announced their Dual Drive Bay VGA cooling system for ATI’s storming HD 4870 X2, CoolIT CEO Geoff Lyon told us that by using the liquid-cooled setup they’d managed to overclock the video card by over ten percent.  We’re sceptical by nature here at SlashGear, though, and so CoolIT have released a video demonstrating their setup.

Check out the CoolIT demo video after the cut

CoolIT took the stock HD 4870 X2 from its 750MHz GPU and 900MHz memory, and overclocked it to 880MHz on the GPU and 1000MHz on the memory.  That was enough to see the Xtreme Vantage score jump from X7090 to X8162.

Even more impressive (and important, you could argue), the GPU temperature of the test rig never exceeded 39 degrees during benchmarking.  CoolIT are yet to release pricing details for the Dual Drive Bay VGA cooling system, but it’s expected in September

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