Cooler Master unveils slick red AM-932 AMD edition of HAF 932 chassis

Most computer enthusiasts will recognize the Cooler Master name as the maker of some of the best computer cases on the market. Over the years, Cooler Master has offered up some very cool editions of its cases. One of my favorite was the NVIDIA version the Stacker that they produce. The case was notable for its cool green accents that NVIDIA fans can appreciate.

Cooler Master has now announced a new chassis aimed at the AMD fan called the HAF 932 AMD Edition. The special edition case has black with red trim to celebrate the corporate red color of ATI video cards. The chassis also has a clear side window with frosted AMD dragon Fusion logo and red interior lighting.

The case has tool-free drive bays and liquid cooling ports for passing tubes out of the case to an external radiator. The HDD racks are removable and the back expansion slots are mesh for improved airflow. The PSU is bottom mounted on the case and dual 120mm fans are included.