Cooler Master unveils new vapor chamber cooling tech for CPUs

There is always a battle in the computer world to get faster processors and to be able to dissipate the heat that the processors produce. When you get into an enthusiast class machine where a geek is overclocking you end up with even more heat to deal with. Some folks don't like to go to liquid cooling or more exotic methods of cooling; they want reliable and simple air cooling.Cooler Master is showing off a new breakthrough in air cooling technology that uses a heatsink with new vertical vapor chamber technology. The Vapor Chamber tech has less than half the air resistance of normal finned heatsink thanks to no airflow vortices created as the air is moving through the heatsink. Cooler Master doesn't show a fan in the images, presumably the heatsink still needs a fan.

They also have three times the fin area to allow for quicker and more efficient dissipation of heat. The new tech gives heatsink that are able to offer cooling performance over 200W at the same or lower levels of noise than heatsink that don't use vapor chambers. The first retail heatsink to use the tech will launch at CeBIT 2012 and is called the TPC-812.