Cool8800C NES gaming cellphone with flip-out controls

While the big console makers argue and deny their plans for a proper gaming cellphone, little companies creep up behind and steal their thunder.  The Cool8800C at first glance looks like a standard candybar cellphone, but flip down the keypad and up the outer display and you'll find a 16:9 wide-aspect internal screen and gaming controls for some classic NES titles.

Three classic NES games come preloaded, and you can add more ROMS using a transflash memory card.  Up to 8GB cards are supported, as is GPRS and Bluetooth, but there's no 3G or WiFi.  The inner display measures 2.4-inches and runs at WQVGA resolution.

Other specs include dual-SIM support, an analog TV tuner, FM radio and media player.  You're unlikely to see the Cool8800C on the shelves of your nearest phone store, so if you're interested head over to Solomobi and be prepared to lay down $140 for the dualband GSM 900/1800 gaming handset.