Cool gadget for your drinks - Tinchilla

I have a bad habit of waiting until the very last minute to get groceries. This of course means that I'm pretty much out of everything by the time I go. So naturally, when I get home and want something cold to drink, I have to throw a can of Mountain Dew in the freezer and pray I take it out before it turns to ice.

The Tinchilla can take your can of caffeinated goodness from warm to chilled in 60 seconds flat. You can thank thermal conduction for making this possible. What happens is the Tinchilla spins your can at a very precise speed that keeps the entire can touching the ice, and makes a whirlpool effect on the contents. This way all of the liquid touches the sides which are already touching ice.

Two AA batteries, some ice, and about $10 is all you need to get cold drinks in a hurry Don't worry, they say that it won't actually shake it up enough to explode when you try to open it.

Tinchilla – Instantly Cooling Your Beer Cans in Only 60 Seconds [via coolestgadgets]