Cool DS Skins Add A Little Color And Texture

Every time I hear that Nintendo will be releasing a new color for the DS lite, I start to wonder how much I could get out of my boring white one. So far I haven't been tempted quite enough to follow through, but I am starting to get tired of staring at that white shell. I may very well look into one of these protectors which will add a bit of color.

These Loytron Leather Tuning Skin Cases aren't actually made of leather. I'm aware that it says leather right in the name, but don't be fooled, it merely has a leather feel to it. They accomplish this by embossing a simulated leather texture onto Polycarbonate.

The cases come in two pieces, one for the top and another for the bottom. As you would imagine, the hinge is left exposed. The skins look good and don't obstruct any of the controls, which is always a plus. The $24.99 price tag isn't bad either.

Source: DS Fanboy