Controversial Chinese iPad game gets pulled from App Store

A controversial game for iPad created by Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co. was recently pulled from the App Store. The game, which had been available on the Chinese version of the App Store, had its users play by defending islands against Japanese soldiers carrying flags while also dressed as sumo wrestlers and ninjas.

According to China Daily, the game depicted the real-life political issues over the Diaoyu Islands in Asia. Shenzhen ZQGame was notified of its removal from the App Store with no explanation on why it was removed. The Chinese gaming company apologized to its users and is reportedly in negotiations over the game with Apple.

Although controversial, the ultimate reason why the game was taken down is because it was in violation of Apple's terms of service, which state that any "enemies" in a game app cannot target any specific race, culture or government. Of course, this is not the first time the company has taken down a game without explanation from the App Store. Apple typically declines to comment on these issues and has not yet commented on the removal of Shenzhen ZQGame's app.

[via Bloomberg]