Control Your Man or Woman Remote Controls

If you're having issues with your mate then you might need a bit of assistance. Instead of all that pricey counseling or even more pricey a divorce, snag a remote. Get rid of all that pesky free speech and get them doing your every wish.

If you're into girls or guys they have a remote for each sex. They don't say what happens if you simultaneously point the remotes at each other though. I suppose it depends on what button you push.

To sum it up you press a button and it yells at your significant other to do the task of your choosing. Basically the men's remote sounds ogerish and obnoxious while the girls sounds whiney and obnoxious. It would make a great gag gift for a bride or groom to be though. One remote is priced at $17.95 or the set for $29.95.

Control Your Man and Control Your Woman Talking Remotes: If Only They Worked [via coolest gadgets]