Contour+ Camcorder gets Android viewfinder app

In May, the Contour+ sports camcorder surfaced. This is one of the small camcorders that can be mounted to a car, bike, or to your body. The catch is that the small design of the camcorder means that you can't get a LCD on the camera to act as a viewfinder. I can tell you from experience that with a camera lacking a viewfinder you often end up missing the shot you really wanted.

A new app has landed that works with the Contour+ camcorder that is for the Android smartphone users out there. The app is called Contour Connect and it turns the Android smartphone into a viewfinder. The app does more than just make it easy for you to set up your video shots though. It also shows you details about battery life and more.

The app will let you control and change settings like video mode, video quality, mic, GPS, and lighting. You can even control the microphone gain from there as well. The app is free to download and is on the Android Market right now.

[via Android Community]