Concept: Samsung S700 Digital Camera Doubles As Digital Picture Frame

James Allan Brady - Jul 27, 2007

The concept by Jin Woo Han seems quite simple and highly practical. I don’t know how powerful of a camera it will be, but the combined functionality will more than make up for it for most users.

Basically the LCD screen that you would use as a viewfinder gets turned into the picture frame by putting out a small kickstand that is on the front of the camera. The idea behind the minimal user controls is that the camera will adjust itself for the best possible shot.

As far as looks go, it appears to be a very sleek, minimal, thin design for all the functionality. The kickstand on the front folds flat and just looks like an attached piece of plastic on the front. At the top or to the left (when facing the front of the camera) there is a rotund handle for gripping, and it probably also helps keep weight on the kickstand so it doesn’t fall over.

No pricing or availability as its just a concept, a nice one at that.

Digital camera has two-fold function [via coolest-gadgets]

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