Concept: JVC Quasar, 360 Degree Sound

James Allan Brady - Aug 29, 2007

This polyhedron of immeasurable proportions is a concept of a sound system that spits out sound to all 360 degrees. Now if that’s too much geometry for you, it’s a speaker that instead of outputting sound through one face or side, it outputs through all of them.

The one thing you would expect a unit like this to do is surround sound; sadly that is not the case. It won’t do surround sound, but it should sound the same in a given room regardless of where you place it.

A few of these, carefully placed and connected to a surround receiver would probably make for some pretty nasty sounds or an aural high like no other. Sadly since the design by Emanuele Patton and Michele Menescardi is only a design, you will probably never see these to market.

360 Degree Speaker concept [via coolest-gadgets]

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