Concept app Intuitive Voting wants you to vote from your phone

Here are a few questions for you: Do you know who your district council-members are? What topics are on your ballot? Where is your local polling station? If you couldn't answer those, don't feel bad. We're not a hyper-politicized society, but we are hyper connected. Even if you couldn't answer those questions, you could probably tell us where your smartphone is. Oddly enough, election day and your smartphone still haven't made themselves know to one another, but there's an app concept that would change that, and it's amazing.

Called Intuitive Voting, the app project aims to both inform you about what's going on, and give you the means to vote on topics you care about. You can even register via the app just by snapping a photo of your state issued ID card.

The current scope of the project is to give us cause to vote. The research done by the team suggested first time voters — you know, the generation that is growing up with a smartphone in their hand — finds mid-term elections less important. A lack of information was also a reason many didn't vote, which only means the 100-page-or-more pamphlets sent out don't seem to be doing the trick.

The Intuitive Voting app would provide necessary information in an objective manner. Rather than be bombarded with advertisements leaning one way or another and skewing the discussion, we'd get plain facts and nothing more.

Of course, there are plenty of hurdles left to overcome before we'd see this on our devices. Security is a main concern, given you'd be asked to snap a picture of your photo ID. The team says their short-term goal is to provide a quick reference for voting, and something you can take to the polls to make the actual parties of voting faster and easier. If you've done you reading and made your decisions ahead of time, then voting becomes that much simpler when the time comes.

The long-term goal is voting via the app itself, which is likely much more attractive for consumers. In a mobile-centric world, the ability to vote via a smartphone or tablet is very appealing, and something we'd love to see in two years' time, when the next election cycle hits.

Source: Intuitive Voting