Computer part jewelry – Uggggggggggly!

Staff Editor - Dec 31, 2006
Computer part jewelry – Uggggggggggly!

Bonnie Meltzer is an artist who has crossed borders, using computer parts in her artwork. In some of her jewelry peices, a circuit board dangles off of a person’s neck as a pendent necklace. Computer connectors are used to connect the necklace.

In another peice of art, networking jacks hang off on a ball-and-chain necklace. These necklaces come at $60 a peice, while other necklaces that use different types of wire, along with peices of an ancient motor, will cost you more (around $175 each).

Other artwork includes pins from circuit boards that are transformed into various faces. All of her artwork can be found on her website,

Hand-Made Computer Part Jewelry [Via: Chip Chick]

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