Comply unveils new foam tips for earphones in multiple colors

One of the first things that many music phone and MP3 player buyers do is get a new set of earphones. The stock earphones that come with most devices like the iPod or iPhone are not very good. These stock earphones are also not typically very comfortable either.

Many of the quality earphones on the market today include a number of tips made from silicon and many of them include foam tips from Comply as well. I like the Comply tips and use them on my earphones because they are more comfortable and help block out more external sound than the silicone tips typically can.

Comply has announced that you can now buy tips in several colors separately from your earphones. The new tips are offered in eight colors including Key Lime, Charcoal, Nickel, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Combat Green, Blueberry and Schnozberry. I have no idea what that last color look looks like. The tips aren't cheap though at $9.95 per set. Comply says that the tips will fit more than 100 earphone brands.