Complete PS3 Problem List

So, if you're going to brave the lines for a PlayStation 3 (and from what we hear, bring a baseball bat and a full body armor), there are a list of things you should know about regarding various issues the console has at this time. These are normal, especially in the first-generation of a piece of electronics as complicated as the PlayStation 3, and most of these issues should be resolved in future System Updates (we hope). Until then, it'll help all you early-adopters decide as to whether your console is worth a round of real-life Mortal Kombat:

  • Lack of upscaling: Simply put, if your HDTV does 1080i but not 720p, then expect to play your games in 480p, as the PS3 will not upscale the graphics to 1080i. Bummer.
  • Overheating: While it's not as bad as the Xbox 360's issues (read: no dead consoles), a lot of retailers are reporting test boxes overheating. We'll chalk this up to the semi-airtight plastic enclosure until more users get to use the console in the open.
  • Backwards-compatibility: Several PSOne/PS2 games don't work correctly with the PS3 yet; this should be remedied with upcoming System Updates. Until then, check out IGN's backwards compatibility list here.

That's all the issues we have so far. Stay tuned to Slashgear; we'll get more information as more people receive their consoles. Until then, happy hunting!

[via IGN]