Comp Bullet promises tiny holes will silence and speed up your murder spree

When we write about the ever-so-terrible bullet here on SlashGear, or more specifically when I write about it, you'd better understand right out of the barrel that I don't condone their usage outside of the sweetness of video games – that's why I must note that these drilled golden kill-rockets being shown off today by Comp Bullet are awesome, but I'm praying they don't draw the blood they're intended for. Of course that's a fool's errand, going to pray for such a thing, but I cannot resist the gold – such is life, and such is death. Each Comp Bullet is a precision machined masterpiece, made not only to reduce recoil, but to increase the subsequent velocity of the bullet as it exits your gun's barrel.

What they've made here is a little bullet (or several bullets, as it were – each size for a different caliber) that has holes in it, grooves along the sides, and another hole in the back, all of this scientifically calibrated to bring your projectile launching to the newest in best-in-class accuracy and ease in use. Where this gets all technological on you is in the hyper-precision in which the Comp Bullet can be made — tolerances to the tenth of one grain, for example. And not only that, you can get your bullets modified by Comp to be +/- 0,005 of an inch larger or smaller. That's a magnificently small amount of change.

And what are these bullets made of, you might ask? Surely not gold, that'd be completely idiotic — no way, these are made of a much more solid copper alloy. The way they work is that as the vents (the holes) allow gas out of the sides of the bullet, lubrication of the bullet occurs – sliding through the barrel with the greatest of ease. Once the bullet exits the gun, instead of a kickback you've got these same holes creating a muzzle brake, reducing your kickback greatly. Oh they go quite a bit faster too – velocity increase due to the rocket effect as they, again, leave the barrel.

The FireArm Blog let us know that there's a few videos too – joy! Check out this video of these miracle beasts in action and make sure your SPEAKERS ARE TURNED DOWN:

You can buy 9mm bullets, .40 SW, .45, .44, or .30, so sharp it'll cut your face off! And I'm sure if you ask them nicely, you'll be able to get your own custom bullets in the future. Sound like a lovely deal to you? Now get out there and start shooting things less valuable than the bullets themselves!

[via Comp Bullet]