Coming soon, the Orange Zune

People love color. Color makes them stand out, and people like to stand out. It all makes sense right? So if you want to sell more of a product that isn't doing quite as well as you'd hoped (ie. Not crushing the iPod) just release it in new flashy colors.

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That's the idea that Microsoft has for their Zune player. Apparently orange is the new flavor of the week. I'm sure they'll eventually have a whole rainbow's worth of colors eventually. I'll admit, the orange color does look pretty cool. Were I in the market for a Zune, I'd much rather have one of these.

We're not too sure when this guy will be hitting the streets, but since they're planning on releasing a pink version in May, I'd bet we'll see the orange one around then too.

A Very Tangy Orange Zune [via newlaunches]