Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is heading to Netflix (finally)

Despite the odds against it (i.e., being made available on Crackle), Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has proven very popular, and as such it is finally moving to a grown up streaming service: Netflix. The series first debuted on Crackle, Sony's free (ad-supported) video streaming service. While Crackle was a great destination in the sense that anyone could watch it, many people don't like Sony's offering, and its audience pales in comparison to Netflix.Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a talk show of sorts that features Jerry Seinfeld, his load of classic cars, and other notable individuals — including comedians — hitching rides with him. To date, the show's biggest celebrity was President Obama, perhaps proving a turning point for the show in terms of popular awareness.

Seinfeld is said to have recently penned a deal with Netflix, and it'll result in 24 new episodes being made available on the streaming service later this year — exclusively. Other future episodes in the series will also be published on Netflix. As well, this deal will result in a pair of standup specials exclusive to Netflix.

As expected, Netflix will also be nabbing the past seasons of Comedians in Cars, though it isn't clear whether those episodes will also remain available on Crackle. As far as Netflix itself goes, it's no surprise that the company moved to get its hands on the series. The company has been rolling out exclusive stand-up comedy specials in recent months, not to mention its growing library of comedy shows.

SOURCE: Variety