Comedian's 252-film Netflix excursion makes waves

When you think of long, arduous journeys, sitting around and watching movies all day isn't usually the picture that comes to mind. But would you be able to watch 252 fils in their entirety in the span of just one month? That's a total of more than 404 hours of content, and it's what one Mark Malkoff did.

He created a video about his experience, and to show off exactly all the kinds of content Netflix has to offer. Not surprisingly, the folks at the company's Los Gatos, California headquarters liked the idea as well, and invited Malkoff to visit. CEO Reed Hastings declared June 11 as "Mark Malkoff Day" in celebration of his bringing awareness to the power of Netflix streaming.

In an interview, Malkoff said, "Watching 252 films in a month was like a mini-school. I enjoyed it, but it was challenging at times — especially watching 29.4 hours of closing credits in a month. ... Everybody was really supportive of my Netflix project, except my internet service provider who I'm pretty sure hates me."

[via Mashable]