Comcast Xfinity Voice gets voice calls and texting via Wi-Fi

Comcast has added new features to its Xfinity Voice service. The new features will put the service in a better position to compete with Google Voice and Skype. One of the new features is called Voice 2go and allows users to make phone calls and send text messages from their home phone number at no cost over any available Wi-Fi network.

Voice calls can also be made over 3G or 4G networks at standard data rates. To be able to make calls the user has to download the Xfinity Connect Mobile app. That app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Voice calls and texting made from a PC use the Xfinity Connect service.

Another interesting feature that will be coming soon is the ability to choose up to four personal phone numbers and use them with Voice 2go. That feature will allow people to give out individual phone numbers that can be used with the service to friends and family. The exact date the feature will be rolled out is unknown with Comcast simply saying "soon." The voice service is available now using the latest versions of the Xfinity apps.

[via The Verge]