Comcast Xfinity TV app will support Sony Android TVs in 2018

Comcast's Xfinity TV customers with certain Sony Android TVs will soon be able to access the content directly through the television using the Xfinity TV Partner app. The new support will be arriving early next year to Sony Android TVs, marking the latest expansion of the Xfinity TV Partner Program. Through it, the service provider is bringing its Xfinity TV service to various smart televisions.

Traditionally speaking, you need to lease cable equipment, like a cable box, from a service provider over the course of your television subscription. The cable box contains the service provider's software and receives the content from the company, display it onto the user's television.

The cable box, being that it is a physical device, takes up space in the entertainment system that could otherwise be used for a game console or something similar. As people gravitate away from traditional television, whether for on-demand streaming or OTT TV services, the cable box has become increasingly archaic and unwanted.

In its place is Comcast's relatively new Xfinity TV app for select smart TVs. By offering this app, subscribers with a supported smart TV can install the app on the television and then access their Xfinity content directly without using a cable box.

That's the case with this newly announced support for Sony Android TVs, though Comcast says the support won't be in place until 2018. At that time, these TV owners who download the app will get access to their DVR content, live TV channels, on-demand content, and more directly through the app and over the Internet.