Comcast X1 adds more real-time sports stats ahead of new NBA season

During the Rio Olympics, Comcast offered real-time on-screen stats to its X1 set-top-box customers, and now it plans to offer the same feature for all other sports you can watch via its service. The announcement comes just ahead of the new NBA basketball season, but it won't be limited to just basketball games. With the feature, you'll see things like game states, team scores, and more, as well as sport-specific details like what percentage of shots were taken from specific parts of the basketball court.

The features are being added to the X1 Sports App specifically. With it, subscribers can watch live sports games and see the live scores of all the games taking place in real time — even of games you're not currently watching, making it easier to keep tabs on an entire day's events. The sports app can be accessed at the same time you're watching live television.

You can pull up the sports app by hitting the "Xfinity" button on your Comcast remote, then scroll on-screen to where it says "Apps" and select it. Highlight "Sports" and select it. You'll see the app open on the right-hand side of the display, where different sports are listed at the top and all the states for various events below them. Assuming you have the right subscription, you can click on games with blue titles to watch them.

With today's announcement, Comcast also said it is adding voice search to the sports app, making it easier to find what you want. According to the service provider, more than 35-percent of its X1 users used the sports app on a regular basis during the Olympics, and it no doubt hopes to see that kind of engagement during other sports thanks to this expansion.

SOURCE: Comcast