Comcast will usher in 2021 by raising Internet and cable TV prices

Comcast is going to increase prices for its Internet and television services nationwide starting on January 1, an announcement that has come to light days after the service provider revealed that it will expand its Internet data cap. The price increase will impact both monthly subscription prices and some fees.

News about the price increase first surfaced on Reddit, where a user shared an image of the price notification. The exact amount of the increase will depend on which plan you have, with the only exception being a small decrease to the fee for service to an additional TV.

Most of the Xfinity Internet plans, including the Performance Starter all the way through the Gigabit plan, will increase by $3/month. The xFi Advantage option will be increasing from $20/month to $25/month. Meanwhile, the Xfinity Home security plans will increase $10/month.

For those who still get pay-TV service through Comcast, the rate will increase $5/month for Choice TV, $7.50/month for Choice TV with the TV Box, and $4.50/month for the broadcast TV fee. The price increase isn't limited to just the Internet and cable plans, however.

A number of on-demand video subscriptions will also get a price increase, some by a couple of bucks, others only by a dollar. The impacted services will include AMC+ Gaia, UP Faith and Family, WEtv, and Galam TV. Likewise, installation will also cost more starting in January at an additional $30/month for professional installation and in-home service visits, increasing the costs to $100/month, respectively.

The price change notification shared on Reddit lists the city of Chicago, but Comcast confirmed to Ars Technica that this change will roll out to all subscribers across the US. However, it did note that the exact price changes for TV service will vary based on market, so the figures listed on the price sheet may not be entirely accurate for your city.