Comcast will soon charge more to have a pro install your cable

Comcast is making yet another change to its service that'll cost you more money, at least if you can't figure how to set up your own hardware. The service provider will soon increase the cost of having an in-home professional install your router and other hardware, though the option will remain to set it up yourself if you know how to do it.

When you get cable service through Comcast, you have two options: you can set up the hardware yourself or you can pay $79 to have someone come out and install it for you. Most people choose to do the process themselves — it's not that difficult. But some people aren't comfortable with this and may choose to have a technician come out, and in some cases self-installation isn't an option.

According to The Boston Globe, Comcast will increase its home installation service fee to $100 on January 1. Likewise, the cost of having an in-house service call will increase from $40 to $70, though visits that are for repairing issues don't come with a fee.

In its justification for the price increase, Comcast said in a statement to Boston Globe that 'rising programming costs' are driving the change. The increase comes weeks after Comcast revealed that it will expand its Internet data cap into the Northeast, mirroring the same caps that have been in place for other customers.

As well, it was recently revealed that Comcast will be increasing its rates for Internet and TV service in the new year. Many customers can expect their rates to increase, with the exact amount varying based on market and plan. For example, some customers will see the cost of their Performance Starter plan increase three dollars per month, and their Xfinity Home plan increase by $10/month.