Comcast Stands By Internet Filtering, What’s Your Take?

Daniel Lim - Feb 13, 2008, 12:48 pm CST

The cable giant, Comcast Corp has formally admitted to FCC with the uses of Managed Internet Traffic to slow down customers’ file-sharing application, intentionally. They blamed peer-to-peer services like BitTorrent as the main culprit of network congestion and said a managed network is a necessity to prevent heavy users with similar application for media sharing like video, movie and music, etc.

The consumer groups responded and argued that the network has breached the principle of Net Neutrality, in which all Internet traffic should treat equally. The Network uses of managing traffic aimed to protect its TV business and the competitive VOD services. BitTorrent, the guilty party according to Comcast, told the Washintonpost that the practice is not an ideal fix, Comcast should be upgrading and improving the network and bandwidth instead. The company defended and compared the traffic management to traffic control light uses to regulate vehicles, they aren’t blocking the content, just relaying one, briefly.

Comcast is urging your neighborhood network traffic could be affecting you because of files sharing service and it should be managed. But doing so would open the Pandora’s Box to allow reasonable management from similar services providers in the future.

What’s your thought?

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