Comcast says its mobile phone service will launch this year

Back in September, we heard rumor that Comcast would be introducing its mobile phone service in 2017, and now we have confirmation of that from company CEO Brian Roberts. Details for the plan were given during Comcast's earnings call today, during which Roberts revealed that the company's 'wireless product' launch is a 'priority' this year. While pricing and launch date weren't provided, the earnings call did shed some light on Comcast's focus and larger plans.

During the call, Roberts went on to explain that this mobile phone service will 'give customers access to a world-class wireless network benefiting from our Wi-Fi with the best mobile devices and a simple transparent experience, all for a great value.' He also revealed that Comcast will be offering its wireless service as part of its multi-product bundles.

Roberts also stated that Comcast plans to approach this entire thing cautiously, taking its time with the expectation of being 'NPV positive on each incremental customer once we've achieve a limited initial scale.' He said the company will 'be measured in our rollout, learning and adapting along the way.'

This wireless product will be an MVNO service operating on an agreement with Verizon. Roberts says that more details will be coming in the future, but during a Q&A session after the earnings call, he indicated that Comcast is particularly keen to offer its mobile phone service as a bundled product that, overall, will shave costs off one's sum total cable/Internet/wireless bill.

SOURCE: Comcast, Transcript