Comcast might stop filtering BitTorrent Traffic – it’s about time

James Allan Brady - Mar 27, 2008

In a somewhat surprising move, Comcast is considering not treating all BitTorrent traffic like its criminal in nature. In fact, there are even talks of Comcast working a deal with BitTorrent to start using BitTorrent in its own networks.

They are going to start re-working their network management tools so that they treat all network traffic equally instead of discriminating against BitTorrent or other P2P traffic. The reason? Well you might be surprised to hear this, but there are increasing number of uses for BitTorrent and other P2P networks that is completely legal.

More an more companies are offering up the standard download channels as well as torrents of their products. Recently I’ve legally downloaded several underground albums, mixtapes, Linux Distros, all of these things specifically being given away for free by their creators and being passed out via BitTorrent. Chances are this was just an attempt to save face over a stunt that they were eventually going to end up looking quite bad for.

[via digitaltrends]

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