Comcast is down in several states, it's not just you

This evening Comcast is having issues in a number of states across the USA. If you live in Minneapolis/St.Paul, San Francisco, Houston Texas, Orlando, Atlanta Georgia, Richmond Virginia, Philadelphia, NYC, Claremont New Hampshire, Detroit, Chicago, or Seattle – you're in the yellow zone. It would appear that problems are revolving around internet, though a small amount of complaints suggest a TV blackout is in effect as well.

A relatively massive amount of problems have been reported over the past several hours from across the United States centered around the cities and general areas of the list included above. Problems appear to have started at around 8:05 PM EDT and persist through the time this article will be published.

The maps above come from DownDetector – the first map shows the most recent issue heat map, while the second shows a heat map from earlier today. What this demonstrates is the falling of reports, suggesting the issue is dissipating, at least somewhat.

If you'd like to contact Comcast about your service, please feel free to email "comcastcares_support at comcast dot com". This is their official general support email, and Comcast's Will Osborne also suggests that general inquiries can be directed to (800) 391-3000 if you're unable to send an email (because your internet is down*).

*Also we're aware that you've found some sort of internet if you're reading this, but you might only have it intermittently. Good luck to you!