Comcast in hot water for changing another customer’s name

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 6, 2015, 10:29pm CST
Comcast in hot water for changing another customer’s name

Comcast isn’t America’s more beloved company, that’s for sure. Its customer service practices have come under fire in the past — there’s that painfully long customer service call that caught public attention last year, for example, as well as the claim that it got a man fired from his job. Most recently, the service provider came under heat for reportedly changing a customer’s name to one quite offensive, and in light of that other subscribers have starting surfacing revealing their own offensive name changes.

In this case, a Comcast subscriber in the Chicago region reports that she experienced ongoing trouble with her service, something that required 39 technicians from November to April to finally resolve. The problem was eventually fixed, but her bills stopped showing up after that.

The customer, Mary Bauer, says that while she got a “little hot” with customer service, due to ongoing issues that weren’t resolved for months, she never called them names. Upon (finally) receiving a bill in the mail, however, she found it address to “Super B***h Bauer.

She offered up a look at her bill — featured above — as proof. Upon learning of the incident, Comcast has stated to WGN that it is investigating the matter “thoroughly” and that it’ll be reaching out to Bauer about it.


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