Comcast deactivates system that throttled heavy Internet users

Back in 2008, Comcast deployed a "congestion management system" that throttled Xfinity Internet customers who used too much data. That system, despite its massive unpopularity, had been live for the past decade, the keywords here being "had been." The company revealed earlier this week that it has deactivated that throttling system.

On June 11, Comcast updated its Xfinity Internet Broadband Disclosures, revealing that it had deactivated the system deployed back in 2008. Of course, you data cap still remains and you'll still face overage charges if you use more than your plan's allotment. However, you won't have to deal with the ISP showing down your speeds at times.

This doesn't mean throttling is permanently eliminated. Comcast says in its disclosure that it may launch a new "congestion management system" in the future if it decides that it is necessary for network performance reasons. If that ever ends up being the case, Comcast says it will post an update for its customers.

In a statement to CNET, Comcast explained that it eliminated the system due to the evolution of devices that make it unnecessary at this point in time. In addition, the company revealed that its throttling system has more or less been "inactive" for more than a year. You can find the full disclosure here.