Comcast AnyPlay To Bring Live TV Streaming To iPads

Comcast is working on a new service called AnyPlay that will add the ability to stream live TV to its Xfinity TV app for iPads. The service will compete with Time Warner's similar offering, but will only work with the Motorola IPTV box and the tablet being streamed to must be connected to a home network.

Although no official announcements for the service have been made yet, MacRumors was able to glean some details off of the above screenshot they obtained. The service only allows Comcast subscribers to stream live TV to their iPads while connected to their home network, meaning WiFi from other locations or via 3G will not work.

This restriction most likely has to do with the distribution agreements between Comcast and content providers. Both Time Warner and Cablevision have already gotten into hot water with providers such as Viacom, which sued both cable companies for breach of contract regarding their TV streaming apps.

Users should be able to watch most channels that are available with their Xfinity TV service and can register up to 10 tablets. However, the service can only stream live TV to one tablet at a time and it's not clear when the service will be ready.