Cablevision, Viacom Settle Lawsuit Over iPad TV Show Streaming

Rue Liu - Aug 10, 2011
Cablevision, Viacom Settle Lawsuit Over iPad TV Show Streaming

The Cablevision iOS app that lets you stream TV shows to your iPad has finally cleared the Viacom hurdle. The Optimum iOS app for the iPad was first introduced back in April, offering up to 300 TV channels. And much like the reaction to the Time Warner Cable iPad app, Viacom sued Cablevision claiming that the company did not have the right to put its shows on anything except cable TV.

Cablevision has always argued against the claim insisting that unlike other cable companies, its network was IP-based and therefore streaming to iPads, iPhones, and iPods was simply like streaming to other TV screens. It believed that it was operating within its existing contract with Viacom and other TV networks. In contrast, Viacom considered it distribution via the internet, which breaches their agreement as well as copyright law.

In the settlement today, it appears that the resolution of an “unrelated business matter” may have helped push things through. According to a joint statement, the two companies have reached an agreement to mutual satisfaction although neither side has conceded its original legal position. They also did not disclose any details on the settlement.

[via Electronista]

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