Comcast brings user time scheduling feature to app

Comcast is America's favorite company to hate, and it is trying to change that popular view by eliminating some of the hassle customers often encounter. The latest on the chopping block is waiting on hold, at least under certain circumstances. On Thursday, Comcast announced that it had added two new features to its My Account App, one of which allows users to arrange for a Comcast representative to call them, rather than calling and waiting for a representative to become available.

The feature is straight-forward. When a user is having trouble with their service and troubleshooting attempts fail to work, a user can fire up the My Account App and schedule a call for whatever time is most convenient. Says Comcast, the call times are available in fifteen minute windows.

Of course, not everyone likes phone calls to start with, and so Comcast is also aiming to make it easier to get help through Twitter. Using the "Tweet Us" feature, users can send a tweet with details to ComcastCares, as well as an image if applicable, and get help from a representative that way.

This follows last month's My Account App update, which adds the ability to see when a Comcast service technician is on his or her way. This feature is only available near Boston for now, but the service provider is looking to make it more widely available in the future.

SOURCE: Comcast