Comcast accused of cutting Internet cables to sabotage small ISP

Comcast, one of the most hated companies in America, is at the heart of a new controversy after one small Texas telecom accused it of using sabotage methods to drive the company out of business. Comcast and some of its contractors were recently sued by Telecom Cable owner Anthony Luna, according to Courthouse News, alleging that Comcast cut Telecom's underground cables. Per the lawsuit's allegations, Comcast is said to have cut the cables faster than Telecom was able to repair them, and a mere 6 weeks later the company was forced to close up shop.

Comcast is said to have offered to acquire Telecom Cable in 2013, an offer that was turned down. During the negotiations, however, Comcast was provided with a map of Telecom's underground cables, which was reportedly never returned. Soon after the negotiations failed, Comcast is said to have begun installing its own lines in the area.

Telecom Cable is said to have provided Comcast with another map of its cables and advised it that the cables were marked orange with both paint and flags. Despite the warning and at least one map, Comcast contractors allegedly cut one of Telecom's cables, causing a service outage. Though Telecom again warned the company that its cables were marked with orange, the lawsuit alleges that Comcast contractors proceeded to cut through another three cables over the following days.

Ultimately the multiple service outages resulted in Telecom Cable's customers abandoning the service and, in many cases, signing up for Comcast's service in the area. Telecom was unable to keep up and went out of business. Luna and his family suffered as a result, allegedly being forced to give up their retirement plans and take lower-paying jobs. The lawsuit seeks in excess of one million dollars in damages.

SOURCE: Courthouse News