Colour Caller-ID Gives Cross-Room Warning

A lot of people I know are phone phobic.  My uncle Peter, if he hears the phone ring, will jump behind anything reasonably large; it's really put a strain on his marriage to my aunt June, who has a bit of a weight problem.  I'm not quite sure what he's afraid of, telemarketers probably, or their daughter Missy who is efficiently clearing out their bank account while at university.  This might just be the gadget that calms his nerves, however.


The colour changing Caller ID unit does pretty much what it says on the box – up to four different colours (red, green, blue & purple) can be assigned to different callers.  Now uncle Peter can check out if it's red for danger or green for all-clear from all the way across the room.  Even better, it's only $29.99 – that won't put too much strain on his poor bruised current account.

Color-Call Caller ID System [via OhGizmo!]