Coloud drops geeky Marvel headphones

Headphones are one of those things that people use for many different reasons. You can use them to listen to your music without bothering others, to watch TV, or to play games. The type of headphones you choose can say a lot about your personality and if you are a Marvel comics fan Coloud has a new set of headphones that are perfect for you.

The headphones are called simply enough the Coloud: Marvel Comics Headphones. The headphones are clad in super hero primary colors and sport characters like the Xmen, Hulk, Iron Man and others. You can pick up the Marvel headphones for $40 on Amazon and other places online.

If superheroes isn't your style you might be more interested in the NHL branded headphones also selling for $40. The graphics on both headphones are made from rubber patches and the headphones use 3.5mm jacks.