Colorware Offers Custom Color iPhone 4S For Your First Born

We are all familiar with Colorware, this is the company that will take your gadget and paint it up for you in whatever retina burning hue you so desire. Colorware has done this for all sorts of gadgets for a long time including the iPad and previous iPhones. It is now offering up the new iPhone 4S in fancy colors, but you had better be prepared to pay dearly for the service.

To start with their iPhone 4S in black or white colors will cost you $1,500. For that much loot you can choose whatever colors you want on the back, frame, button, SIM card tray, and the ear buds. You can get the colors in original shades, gloss and SofTouch. The SofTouch will cost you an extra $10.

That price is just crazy, I don't recall any previous devices costing that much when colored. The iPad 2 with 3G is nearly $500 cheaper than the iPhone 4S. Would you ever pay that kind of money for a smartphone?