Colorware Colorizes the iPad 2

Colorware is known for applying custom color to just about any gadget you can think of, and now they are offering their services to the iPad 2. There are a whole slew of custom iPad colors available. You can either purchase the iPad 2 directly from them or send yours in. There are options in solid finish, metallic, or pearl, and you can customize not only the case color, but the Apple logo color and the button as well. See all the delicious color-i-ness, and a video, after the cut.

If you buy the iPad 2 new from Colorware, the WiFi version will cost you $900, whether you have the black or the white. The 3G AT&T version will cost you $1030. You can choose from a gloss finish, or a softouch finish (which costs an extra $25). When I said they offer I slew of colors, I did mean a slew. Check it out:

Both the send in service and the buy new service take about 4 weeks. So if you think you can do without your iPad for that long (or wait for a new one that long), go for it. You will be the envy of all your friends, and probably even passerby. You will most certainly be stopped on the street if you are seen toting a metallic blue iPad 2.

The send in service is only available in the US, and costs $400.

And of course, there is a video, demonstrating the wonder of the colorized iPad 2:

[via ColorWare]