Colorware makes Flip Ultra brighter

Colorware has been taking our mundane looking gadgets with colors that are black or silver for the most part and making them brighter for years. The company will take all sorts of gadgets and paint them with just about any hue that you might desire.

Colorware started spraying colors on the flanks of the Mac Mini back in late July for Apple fans looking for something different. The company is now making the popular little Flip Ultra camcorder brighter with custom paint.

If you already own a Flip Ultra that you can live without for about three weeks you can get your own painted for $50. If you need a new camcorder and want it painted up, you can get that for $210. The camera you buy from Colorware has 4GB of internal storage, a 2-inch screen, and records H.264 video at 640 x 480 resolution.