Colorware attacks the MacBook Air

James Allan Brady - Feb 18, 2008, 1:28 pm CDT

Colorware is at it again, reupping their Apple game by adding the company’s latest addition to their color-change lineup. You can now get your MacBook Air customized in a broad array of colors instead of leaving it aluminum colored.

There are 35 colors available that you can choose from, you can also get custom logos and designs on it (if you are buying a large lot of the laptops for a business or something of that nature). The MacBook Air is a damned sexy laptop, although if I had to choose a new paint job for it, it wouldn’t me one solid color.

In fact, just to incite envy, I’d have to have a manila envelop paint job, so it looked just like the one from the commercial. Think about it Colorware, it could be big money.

[via boygeniusreport]

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